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 Tips 'N' Tricks


Measuring Your Project:
The first rule to follow is "always order too much".  When measuring your project, first, measure the length, then measure the height of the counter.  Add 2" to the length + the height.  If your counter is an "L" shape, figure your length to the farthest point on each side.  Then add the height, and then add 2".

Ordering Your Granite:
Our granite film is 36" wide.  Measure your countertop's length and the height.  Always add at least 2" to the amount you order for a "fudge factor".  The last thing you want is to get your film in, have your counter ready for the install and then not have enough film to complete the project.

Trimming the Film:
Don't be too quick to trim your film.  It's always best to ready the mating surface and then lay the film down on the counter.  Make sure you've measured correctly.  Use the markings on the backing to make clean cut lines.  We recommend using a quality straight edge, especially when cutting an edge which will be spliced to another sheet along the countertop.  If the film is cut correctly, splices can hardly be seen.  Wait to trim the excess film along the bottom of the sides until the heated film cools (see "using heat guns" below).

Readying the Mating Surface:
One of the most important items on your checklist is readying the mating surface.  The smoother and cleaner the mating surface is the better the result.  The surface must be smooth.  Any bumps or rises on the surface may show through.  Although the granite film is extremely forgiving in this area, we still recommend the surface be absolutely smooth.  It must also be cleaned of any dirt or residual oils.  It is best to clean the countertop with a vinegar water solution once it has been thoroughly cleaned with an ammonia-free surface cleaner.  Ammonia can react with the film's adhesive and create gas bubbles.  Unlike air bubbles, gas bubbles cannot be removed.  Your project will fail. Also, using the vinegar water solution will clean any residual chemicals which could interact with the adhesive on the granite.

Installing the film:
Once the mating surface is ready and the film is cut, it's time to spray the mating surface with tap water.  The water deactivates the adhesive long enough for the film to be manipulated into place.  Once the film is in place, use a squeegee from the center out, which causes the water to move away from the center of the film. Once the water is moved outward, the adhesive will attach to the mating surface and the film will stabilize in it's position.  You will still be able to move the film around at this point in order to position it properly.  You will have several hours to finish positioning the film. Use a soft cloth to further smooth out the film applying a constant pressure.  Once the film is in the proper position, it's time to secure the corners and edges.  Time to break out the heat gun!

What about Corners and Edges?
Most existing non-granite countertops have some sort of mitered edging.  To make your granite film look like a real granite countertop, the film must conform to this mitered edge and it must adhere well.  This is where a heat gun comes into play.  Once the granite countertop is installed and the soapy water squeezed out, it's time to heat the edges of the film.  Watch the installation videos to see how the heat gun is used to make the film very plyable.  The heat also causes the adhesive to boil which helps the cementing process.  Once the film has been conformed to the edging, the cooling of the adhesive will make the cement strong.

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