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Product Details

EZfauxdecor® Granite Film is made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) and is approximately 2 mil in thickness. It has a powerful adhesive coating on it's underside and is rolled with a 4 mil backing. The backing has grid marks allowing for accurate cutting. The surface of the film is scratch resistant and cleans with any multipurpose surface cleaner such as Windex. It is heat tolerant to 122°F and does not show fingerprints.



EZfauxdecor® Granite Film Facts:


EZfauxdecor® Granite Film is manifucatured from upcycled plastics using a 5 step process to make it a high quality Self Adhesvie PVC Granite film. The PVC Film has a transparent top coat for surability, a printed image, a durable base, a non-toxic, water based adhesive, and is applied to a tear away backing.

EZfauxdecor® Granite Film's adhesive is manufactured using a Bubble Resistant formula and allows the film to be repositioned during installation and removal without adhesive residue.
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film has a peel away backing with measuring grid lines to help insure you error free cuts.
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film is manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified Facilty which provides high quality product consistency.
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film has been tested using KSM Standards 3006,6734,2274,3501 and 3073.
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film is tear resistant up to 330 pounds per yard. Always use a cutting board!
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film is stain resistant, wear resistant and is dimensionally stable when exposed to hot and cold.  Always use a hot pad.
EZfauxdecor® Granite Film installs onto any smooth surface. The adhesive sets after 24 hours, but can easily be removed using heat (i.e. heat gun or common hair blow drier).


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