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Granite Film Installation
Tutorial and Videos

Before you begin:
We know you are eager to begin your project, but please allow the Granite Film to acclimate to your home's temperature environment for about 24 hours.
Smoothing the Application Surface:
The film adheres to any smooth surface. It is essential that the surface is dry and dust-free. Rough surfaces should be sanded smooth and cleaned prior to installation.
Surface Preparation:

The single most important step in a successful project is preparing the mating surface.  Do not skip this step!  Prior to installation, clean the mating surface using the following steps:

  • Clean the surface with any ammonia free window cleaner. The ammonia in the cleaner will react with the film's adhesive and will cause bubbles.  Once this reaction occurs, the bubbles are impossible to remove.  Your project will fail.  Windex, Cinch, Glitz and many more store brands make ammonia free cleaners.
  • After using the cleaners and scrubbing the mating surface clean, mix up a solution of water with a little vinegar and remove the residual cleaner left on the mating surface.
  • Allow the surface to dry completely. 
EZfauxdecor® Granite film is very easy to work with. No special tools are necessary. All you need is a pencil, a rule or straight edge, a scissors, a plastic squeegee, a spray bottle filled with tap water, a sharp bladed knife and eventually a hair dryer or heat gun.
Our Granite Film is a heavier gauge product than most other brands, we recommend that you invite a friend to assist. 
  • Measure the longest piece of Granite Film you will be using and cut your first piece to that length. The squared backing paper simplifies measuring and ensures straight, clean-cut edges.
  • Spray and cover mating surface with a fine mist of normal tap water.  Keep the spray bottle handy.  Keeping the mating surface wet is necessary.
  • Start at one end and remove the first 4" of backing paper and smooth down this initial section. Then, while evenly removing the backing paper about 4" at a time, with one hand, progressively smooth down the film with the other hand. Always smooth from the center to the edges. For best results smooth with a soft cloth or plastic squeegee at a 45 degree angle with overlapping firm strokes. This allows you to flatten out any trapped air or creases.
  • Spray another 4" using the step above.  This is where another set of hands come in handy.  The water applied under the film allows for repositioning the film.  The adhesive we use allows movement and adjustments for up to 24 hours.  If you need to step away, you can.  Don't be afraid to spray and squeegee! 
Applying at edges and corners:

We recommend using a heat gun or hair dryer to make the installation easier. To apply film cleanly and exactly on edges and corners, overlap the edge by 3". Then, using a sharp knife, cleanly cut along the edge and lightly rub the cut with a finger-nail. When applying around an edge, carefully wrap the film around while heating with a source of heated air. Mold the heated film onto the edge with a soft cloth. The heat releases the tension in the PVC and the film's adhesive more easily adheres firmly to the edge.

Removing film:
The film is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. Normally it can be simply peeled off. But if it adheres more firmly, it should be warmed with heated air and then effortlessly removed. Any adhesive leftovers can be cleaned off with turpentine or an alcohol-based solvent. To remove dissolved adhesive use a damp cloth sprinkled with some flour.
Cleaning film:
The film is totally indifferent to dirt. Cleaning with warm water, Windex, or any mild cleaner is usually fully adequate. For more stubborn stains a drop of detergent does the trick.

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Installation Videos


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Granite Film Installation Part 4 - Finishing Touches



The videos above are shared with permission from our parent site, EZ Faux Decor, LLC.



 Granite Film Installation - Customer Videos 


Featured in this section are some amateur videos of the installation process.  The videos are very amateur, but the content is great.  From these videos you can get the feel of working with the film.  Pay particular attention to the use of tools in the process (i.e. exacto knife, heat gun, squeegee).  Even though the process was not shown on most of these videos, we recommend the use of the "Wet Method" installation process.


Breakfast Bar


Center Island



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